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Free Valentine Day Party Invitation Flyer Templates

The Valentine’s Day party invitation flyers are mostly very colorful. It would be a good idea to make a matching flyer with the party home decor. The flyers themes, therefore, could be of various types. Such as, the seaside theme, open air, wind chimes, electric lights, velvet theme, musical theme, ribbon theme, full of candles, balloons decor, flower decor etc. The invitation cards could possibly have similar themes to make them appealing.
Valentine’s Day is that day of the year when we get together with our partner. It is be celebrated by the whole world. The journey of the relationship is which all of us wants to remember all our life. So, the best time is to celebrate with your partner on this day. As a part of any other type of party, valentine day party invitation flyers invite friends and family members. Besides the flyer, greeting cards, flowers, poems and candies fulfill the day with joy.

How to make an Origami Valentine’s Day Invitation Flyer?

The sweeter way to invite at Valentine’s Day party is to make a homemade origami invitation flyers. These flyers, over time, have become very popular. All you need is the decorative paper, card stock, ruler, scissors, and clear tape, cutting board, knife, pen/pencil, double sided tape and ribbon to make such cards. Now, cut paper 15″x 10″.Cut 2.5″ square from the four corners and save them for later.

Fold the paper from the upper and lower side and join the sides. Now, fold each folded side further towards inside from the corners. This will give the initial folding a triangular shape. Again fold the paper but from the other two sides towards inside. Make the triangular shape of these sides also, just like previous ones.

The surprise is here! As you will open all the folding, a box will be formed. Put the clear tape on the folding outside. It makes it convenient the opening and closing of box without the fear of it getting disarranged.

The next step is to cut a 4.5″x 4.5″ from a sheet of card stock and write your message on it. Place it in to the box you just prepared. Wrap a good color ribbon on it with a clear tape. Take the 2.5″ squares and put double sided tape on them. Place it in kite shape over the front side of card and put another ribbon of different color on it by making a bow. The flyer is ready to use.

People in different parts of the world celebrate this day in their own way. In Korea, a girl give candies on 14th Feb while the men confess their love on 14th March. Sending white flowers to your loved ones on Valentine’s Day is a tradition in Denmark. You may also exchange poems if you are a part of young couple. The people in China visit the temple of matchmaker on this day to pray for their loved ones and for possible marriage. These are the common rituals other than having a party on this special day.

Valentine Day Party Invitation Flyer Templates – Free Photoshop PSD Designs

Here is collection of Free Valentine Day Party Invitation Flyer Templates available for immediate download.

Valentine Day Party Invitation Flyer Template

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Valentine Day Party Invitation Flyer Template

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