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Tear-Off Flyer Template (For Sales)

Are you looking for a Tear-Off Flyer? If so then here is one simple yet professional for you to download and start creating your own Tear-Off Flyers. This template is contributed by one of our friends and hence all the creadit goes to him.

The key purpose of a flyer is to provide information to others or to announce something important. In return, you want the readers to contact you and ask you more about what you have to say to them. For example you are posting car sale flyers and you want the readers to contact you about the condition and specification of the car and ask you if they can visit personally and take a look at your car. But how are you going to make them do this? Using a tear-off flyer is the best answer for you. A tear-off flyer is not very different but it only has an additional space at the bottom with take-off tabs that include your contact address. This way the reader won’t have to use a pen and paper to write your address or phone number and also as you put a specific number of tabs on the flyer, you decrease the number of responses you will get. For example you are selling your bicycle but you don’t want hundreds of people to contact you about the sale. So you put 10 to 15 tear-off tabs on the flyer which interested people tear-off and you only get 15 interested buyers for your bicycle.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Tear-Off Flyer Template (For Sales) created using MS Word,

Sales Flyer Template with Tear-off

Here is its download link,


Here is another one,


Just click on the link below to start downloading this template.


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