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New Properties Listing Flyer Template (MS Word)

New properties listing flyer is a marketing tool that is used to announce the availability of new properties for sale and purchase. These flyers are the significant part of a successful marketing campaign to sell or purchase properties in best possible rate and profit. These are the means of conveying land owner’s message to prospective clients for disclosure of particulars of their properties on lists for sale. New properties listing flyer (also called listing flyer) is helpful to keep an eye on the available opportunities as it is published in magazines, public interest notice boards, internet blogs and websites, social media, pasted on pillars, or distributed to passerby.

Place an attractive front image of property on the top of the page because images leave an efficient impression on viewer and increase the response of an ad. Secondly, professionally taken images of property show that the realtor or landowner seriously cares for the business. Write a powerful opening statement about your property that can grab a lot of customers at once. After making an attention-grabbing title and sub-title, list the best features of your property using bullet points. Explain the level and quality of used material, beautiful location, and eye-catching appearance of the property. To better understand the appearance of your property, more than one detail-rich images will definitely add value to the potential buyer to better realize the value of the listing.

Describe the best things but be specific and avoid exaggeration about the listing. Don’t highlight what you personally like about your property; it may not be of interest to a buyer. Put the potential buyers on first preference and try to find what is about your property that can appeal to the buyers most. Describe the surroundings and nearby facilities around the listed property, such as super market, school / collage, gym etc. It may attract more customers in order to enjoy those facilities nearby. Choose words carefully to describe the appearance of your listing, such as appealing, captivating, cherished, classic, delightful, luxurious, splendid, traditional, unique etc.

Here is preview of a Free Printable New Properties Listing Flyer Template created using MS Word,

New Property Listing Flyer

Avoid using abbreviations in your listing flyer as some clients may feel it annoying. Mention clearly if the building needs some work to be more appealing and draw more interest of customers. It’s better to write “Needs TLC” in such case so that potential customers can know it. Mention the price details clearly. Real estate agencies make business to earn commission on sale and purchase transactions. So if you are promoting your listing as real estate agent, you must shed light on it and mention your agent fees without any hidden charges. Some landowners mention actual property address for the potential customers. But mostly agents keep it untold and put their own contact details so that potential customers can contact them instead of any direct deals.

About 90% property buyers start their search online by scanning hundreds of listing flyers. At some point they all seem like the same. But if you are going to make a property listing flyer to publish on internet, you should enrich the property description with interactive images and a short video to make your flyer stand out. It will bring you more consideration and radically more time spent of your potential buyers with your listings.

Here is download link for above shown New Properties Listing Flyer Template,


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