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Movie Party Flyer Template (Photoshop Version)

Lights, Camera, Action!

Dim the light and raise the volume. Its movie time!

Movie party trend is famous almost everywhere with less or more considerations. Everybody loves to attend if they are invited to a movie party that is an opportunity to make your weekend, holiday, or special occasion full of fun and excitement. This is very inexpensive source of entertainment where friends and family get the chance of spending memorable and loving time together. Sometimes host arranges all the accouterments of the party.

Movie party flyer is used to invite your friends or people of interest to attend a little party where you have arranged to watch TV or their favorite movie or show together. Every time you arrange a movie party, most important and major part of movie party flyer is wording. It is not an official or advertising document that needs to be followed hard rules. It’s usually a non-official get-together invitation flyer, so your words need to be very attractive and full of fun to amuse the reader and respond you positively.

Your movies party flyer may include the following information in it: movie(s) or show name, day, date, time, address, host name, meal plan if any, what to bring, attractive images, and exciting colors. You have to tell your reader if it is just a movie party or there is some other consideration attached with this invitation. Some people celebrate different events by arranging get-to-gather through movie parties. For instance, it may be a celebration of achieving new job, someone’s birthday, success, new year night, winter season night, new car, new home, or just an reason to get together with loved ones.

In this party, the host arranges to watch together a favorite show, drama, theater, movies, cartoon story, music or anything on a screen. Make the title after the name of movie or show to make the reader attentive. Accurate date, day, and time of starting and ending party should be mentioned to make sure that all guests will arrive the right time. Tell them where they are to arrive to attend and watch movie with street address. Some people arrange it at home using TV lounge or guest room, while other may choose outdoor places like a lawn, book a big hall, or any other feasibility, but only correct address can enable the guests join you. Host name should be described with contact information, so that guests can touch the host in case of getting updates or sudden changes in plan.

Popcorns and snacks are necessary part of these parties to double the fun. It may also vary depending on host’s choice or affordability. People mostly like finger foods on movie parties just like hot dogs, BBQ, nuggets, chips, burger, ice cream or anything that interests the guests. Probably, host can request the guests to bring cold drink, or own plates with them if they are arranging the event away from home. It’s better to mention in flyer if there is any specific instruction regarding the party, like the host wants the guests come in pajama and bring blanket for their own use, party end-time is not sure, or there is some activities arranged by host, etc.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Movie Party Flyer Template designed by our staff to help you get started quickly,

Movie Party Flyer Template

Make use of attractive images and beautiful colors while you craft your movies party flyer. You may choose images from the movie you are going to watch or just give a hint of movie by showing prominent movie character pictures on flyer. It’s not a bad idea if the host uses their own image on flyer. Your movies party flyer wording can be like:

“Let’s go for the movies!

For Daniel’s 10th birthday party

Sunday, January 31, 2016

7pm to 11pm

233 North Westover Place, Cary

RSVP 555-444-3322”

Don’t forget to proofread your message before you get it printed. Then it’s ready to distribute and share the fun!

Here is download link for above shown free Movie Party Flyer Template,


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