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Lunch Invitation Flyer Template (MS Word)

Lunch invitation flyers are used to invite people to a lunch party associated with some special considerations. It may be a lunch invitation along with seminar, office meeting, Christmas celebratory, learning classes, or a restaurant promotion package. It can also be a family get-to-gather or a thanks-giving lunch invitation. Whatever the purpose it is designed for, your lunch invitation flyer must look gorgeous, exciting, and professionally designed to fulfill its reason.

Like other flyers, this flyer also requires smart contents and great images, so choose the both wisely. Before you start thinking about the colors, images, and other design elements, first thing you need to do is plan your content how you are going to invite particular group of people you are interested to join you.

Collect full details of your party and arrange it in a way you want it to be conveyed to people. Add a title to show what your flyer is going to indicate below. Mention the time, date and location of the lunch so that invitees can join you right time. Describe the reason of offering lunch shortly, such as you are going to have a short staff meeting in an enjoyable environment, you are going to make speech to the office crew, you have arranged special lecture regarding career advice for students, you have planned a health advice for your gym members, you want to enjoy a holiday with a group of friends, or anything. That’s a good idea if you mention lunch menu in lunch invitation flyer. Other necessary items are name of host(s) and contact detail so that invitees can get in touch with host directly.

Here is preview of a Free Printable Lunch Invitation Flyer Template created using MS Word,

Lunch Invitation Flyer Template

Don’t forget to mention if you have set some circumstances for the party depending on the size and intention of gathering. But it should be done in a pleasant manner so that your guests don’t take it hard or personal. For instance: “Families are requested to bring along drinks and plates for their own use”, “No dogs are invited in party”, “come in your favorite black dress”, or it can be some soft instructions about parking for the guests. Try to make the full invitation content a pleasant and full of excitement message of the event that your guest would not want to miss out. But avoid including too many details or information because people usually don’t read long stuff.

Finally your text can appear like this example:
“Please join us
For celebratory lunch
In honor of ___________ for new job!
January 10, 2016 at 2:00pm
At (location) ___________________
Please bring a bottle of any drink to share.
Kindly respond by January 8, 2016 to (host) ________ at (number) ________”

Choose images depending on the type and layout of lunch invitation. It can be either set as background or put as several thumbnail images on foreground. So choose the image that best represents your party intention why you are offering lunch. Using dark colors is a good choice if you are offering a celebratory lunch party. Write in colorful font but keep harmony with other design elements, and align all the elements correctly. Photoshop may help you view your flyer design with grid options to check and fine-tune the alignment and enhance the visual appeal.

You might be really excited to see the final and printed look of your lunch invitation flyer so that you can start distribution. But you should not take a print unless you proofread it twice or get help of a friend to proofread it for you so that you ensure an error-free flyer and get the desired response.

Here is download link for above shown Lunch Invitation Flyer Template (MS Word),


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