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Happy Birthday Flyer Design

Let me give you a hint about the design and color of your birthday party flyer. It can be similar to the party theme you have already planned. Sometimes people approach the birthday event with the belief and expectation that the flyer sets on them. This is good idea to give people clue about your party theme by including attention-grabbing phrases, glossy colors, or related motifs. Make your flyer more beautiful by including child’s picture. Picture should be high quality and big just like you are advertising it. This is the way to show the birthday child like a star and give him more importance. Give a clue to guests what they should expect for refreshment if you don’t want to disclose the menu details, either it will be a tea party or lunch/dinner. All the above information is necessary and enough for the guests and helpful to decide the appreciable gift for the birthday child.

Basically this flyer includes information about who, what, when, where, RSVP, and instructions. Mention clearly who is the host of party and what is the title of party (i.e. a birthday party). If it is a child’s birthday, write the parent’s name and the age they are going to celebrate. Be clear while writing the date, day, and time of starting party, and physical address where the party is going to held. Incorrect information may lead your guests to wrong party or even no party. So RSVP is also a solution to prevent from any confusion about party related details. In this part, give a contact number where guests can touch the host to conform any piece of information they are interested in. Some people use RSVP to communicate about the party special consideration, such as what dress they should come in to look appropriate, what to bring with them, when to arrive, who else is invited, if the recipient can bring a guest with them, or anything they want to know other than the information the flyer already contains. It is also useful in case if there is a sudden change in some plans of host or guests, and to respond in advance if they are late-coming / not-coming. Emails are most used contact source these days.

Here is preview of a Free Happy Birthday Flyer Design created using Adobe Photoshop,

Happy Birthday Flyer Design

Here is download link for this Happy Birthday Flyer Design,


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