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Carnival Flyer Template

Here is a wonderful Carnival Flyer that can help you make your event more enjoying and exciting. This Carnival Flyer Template is creating using MS Word 2013 and hence you will it or some later version to edit or fill in. This Carnival Flyer is themed for a professional party and hence you can easily tailor it according to your needs.

Carnival started back in slavery times in southern Caribbean. It’s a festival that occurs just before the lent in February in many cultures around the globe. Carnival word came from French in which it means “farewell to meat.” Traditionally carnival includes number of events and celebrations such as parades in the street, some elements of circus and public street parties till midnight. People usually dress up like masquerade. There are some countries in which once the carnival celebration is over, they celebrate Fasching which starts 11th February (mostly at 11:11 a.m.) in order to remember the old times of slavery. Just like any other cultural celebration or public event, it’s very important to invite your relatives and friends to your carnival party so that you can enjoy this joyful occasion with your loved ones.

Here is preview and download link of this Carnival Flyer Template,

Carnival Flyer Template

Download Carnival Flyer

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