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Car Sales Flyer Template (Photoshop Version)

Mostly people don’t buy things based on logical analysis rather they buy based on their emotions, just like in case of buying a car. When people make decision of buying a car, they want to enjoy freedom of choice. Nobody would like to feel like they are pushed into anything, instead they want to feel like they made the buying decision completely with their own free motivation. So there is a very fine line between the customer’s choice and influence. People feel more conscious while buying a car as a car can say a lot about someone’s personality. So you need to understand the simple fact that looking good and feeling good both are equally important emotional influences of consideration when you want to sell or buy a car.

Car Sale Flyer helps you in the task of selling or buying a car. These flyers are used to advertise a car to prospective customers for sale. Making of car sale flyer becomes really simple if you take some important and fundamental points in your consideration. Try to design your flyer in an effective way by using AIDA formula where AIDA stands for attention, interest, desire, and action. Following this strategy will never let your car sale flyer down in other competitors. It simply means that:

  • Your car sale flyer design should be capable of grabbing attention of your prospective customer
  • They should take good interest in your dealership for car by seeing your flyer
  • Your flyer influences them to show desire to get more information about your dealership and car sale business
  • Your flyer ends up leaving a call to action for customer for instant approach

The main point of influence to customer that enhances the impact of a flyer is the message or content contained in it. So to get someone become your customer, your car sale flyer must be designed with a convincing message and professional look. Images are the compulsory part of car sale flyer. You must include three to four images of car that can explain the inner and outer condition of vehicles very obviously. These images should be taken from front, back, and inside the car. It’s better to clean the car before you capture images, so that it appears in a smart and shiny condition. Describe maximum possible information about the car, i.e. car model, color, body condition, vehicle history, vehicle service history, or any other necessary details thoroughly. State the price in figures and the form of payment very clearly. Be honest with your customer and don’t hide if the car has gone through some prior maintenance, also disclose the issues that might need fixing in case of a used car sale. It will save time of both seller and buyer parties. Express definitely if there is any special consideration attached with the car sale, for instance about the price, third party charges, car ownership or anything. At the end, don’t forget to add contact information and name of dealer so that the customer can get contact with you easily if they desire to get information.

Use prominent colors and two to three font sizes to make your text communicate appropriately, attractive colors for background, and a good quality page for printing your flyer. Proofread it twice before you finalize the copy of car sale flyer to ensure the error-free message.

Here is preview of a Free Car Sales Flyer Template (Photoshop Version) designed by our staff,

Car Sale Flyer Design

Here is download link for this Car Sales Flyer Template (Photoshop Version),


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