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Baby Shower Flyer Template (Photoshop Version)

Usually when we hear about a flyer, we instantly think of some brochure or pamphlet that companies and businesses use to introduce their products and services in the market and that’s true most of the time. Using flyer for advertisement and marketing is a very common and effective tool but there are some other uses of this important document. You can also use a flyer to invite people to your parties such as graduation party, wedding ceremony and baby showers. Baby Shower is a very intimate and private kind of celebration where only the close friends and family relatives are invited. This means if you are worrying about putting too much effort in it or spending too much money on the printing, don’t worry about it. You will only need to print a couple of dozens and that won’t cost much even if you buy a design online. On the other hand, if you just design the entire Baby Shower Flyer by yourself, you can get creative and save some money at the same time.

Key elements to include in a Baby Shower Flyer:

  • Name of the person who is the chief of guest of the party i.e. the soon mom to be
  • Name of the person who is organizing the party (host(s))
  • Time, date and address of the party
  • Specific theme of the celebration party (if you thought of any)
  • Other details about the party i.e. what kind of dress to wear etc.
  • If the guests are required to bring any food, a little detail about it
  • The place where the soon to be mom is registered for the gifts
  • Any instructions for the guests i.e. if they are allowed to bring kids or not
  • Names of key people who will be at the party i.e. parents of expecting mother

Popular trends of Baby Shower Flyer Design:

  • First understand that this is not a typical flyer used in the market for advertisement and publicity but you are going to use this popular trend as an invitation. When the guests receive this invitation flyer, it will not only show your affection towards the celebration but it will also present how sophisticated and creative you are.
  • Common design trends include; making a flyer with a picture of a baby or cut out the flyer in the shape of a baby but that’s very common and people are used to receiving such flyers and invitation letters. You need to come up with something new that’s not been seen in the market before. For example, you can snap a picture of the soon to be mother and make that picture as entire design of the flyer.
  • Although there is only a few of the sentences and details that you need to include on the flyer but if you want, you can also extend it by adding something interesting and unique i.e. a poem or your greetings to the expecting lady.
  • Make a list of all the details that you want to fit on the flyer and then see if you can put all of them on it or not. If everything fits perfectly, well and good but if there is no empty space, eliminate some of the details that aren’t as important as others.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Baby Shower Flyer Template (Photoshop Version) created using Adobe Photoshop,

Baby Shower Invitation Flyer Template

Here is download link for this Baby Shower Flyer Template (Photoshop Version),


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